weather and tomato plants

It appears that tomato plants flourish when temperature are fairly low. During the first few weeks of 2016, the temperatures in panaji, goa were less than 25 deg C and the tomato plants were blooming, with many yellow flowers.
Now the weather has changed in panaji, goa and the temperatures have increased. No new flowers have been observed on the tomato plant in the last week.
However there is a white fungus/mold like growth on the tomato plant

Growing tomatoes for home use

The tomato plants were grown from seeds a few months ago and took some time to bear flowers
One tomato plant had many flowers, four tomatoes, while another small tomato plant had one tomato. The tomatoes will grow big to their maximum size fairly quickly in a few weeks and are light green in colour.
However they will take a long time to ripen when allowed to remain on the plant taking another two weeks to become red in color.
Ideal for senior citizens, older people who find it difficult to cross roads for daily shopping.

Transporting plants over long distances

Compared to mumbai, it is far more difficult to purchase plants in Goa as there are almost no shops selling plant supplies in the locality and they are also far more expensive.
So for an experiment a tulsi plant was carried from mumbai to goa in the container it was supplied with. Plastic packaging was used to cover the plant. Due to human rights abuses in Panaji, Goa causing great pain the container was not retrieved immediately .
After nearly 22 hours, the plant was retrieved and it does not seem to be affected by the journey or transportation. So it appears that plants can be transported over a long distance without affecting them. During the next trip more plants will be transported from Mumbai

Expensive lemon plant

A major problem with the plants easily locally available in goa are that they are mainly flower plants which only have show value. Most people will pay far more if they can get a vegetable or fruit plant to reduce their shopping bill and time to some extent.
For a change a vendor had lemon plants in stock for sale, which were fairly big and bearing small lemons. However the price quoted remained fairly high at Rs 350 per plant which not many people can afford.
Selling fruit and vegetable plants can be lucrative if they are priced right.

Tulsi/basil leaf plant prices

A single tulsi or basil leaf plant in goa will cost at least Rs 30 and they are not easily available as there are no streetside vendors selling items in Goa . On the other hand, there are many roadside vendors selling tulsi and other plants in mumbai and they also inexpensive.

A container with three tulsi plants was costing only Rs 10 in Mumbai while in goa it remains difficult to purchase tulsi plants and other plants locally at a reasonable cost due to the negative attitude towards business owners, who are considered second class citizens

Wheat grass at home

One of the simplest plants or crops to grow at home remains wheat grass. The wheat can be purchased from any store, and sprinkled in a pot with some mud in it. In a few days time, the wheat grass will sprout and grow quite rapidly. The wheat grass can then be cut and used for cooking , chewed to improve health, cure different ailments. The wheat will grow in all weather conditions, even when temperatures are relatively high.
After some time, the wheat grass will wither away if not transplanted to a larger pot. However in some cases, wheat may grow on the plant, and some wheat was observed on a small wheat plant at home.
Anyone interested in wheat grass can send an email to

Tomato flowers and tomatoes

Some time ago, the price of tomatoes had reached Rs 80 per kilo, so growing tomatoes at home in a kitchen garden can be a way to save some money. Tomato flowers are quite small, yellow in color and a typical tomato plant will have at least 15-20 flowers. In Goa, till mid december 2015 the temperatures were fairly high, so the flowers would blossom, wilt and fall off. However in the last week of december the plant was watered regularly, repeatedly and the temperatures also reduced.
Initially one tomato was growing, now another small tomato has grown on the same plant, which is growing in size quite rapidly.
However the first tomato which grew on the tomato plant, seems to be growing very slowly, remains light green in color and also not ripening on the plant.
Photographs of the tomato plant and tomatoes are being taken to keep records

Growing tomato plants

In addition to dolichos beans, tomatos are some of the easiest plants to grow at home. Though there are many seed suppliers, the plants will grow from rotten tomatoes or the seeds left from cutting the tomatos for food. However the plant will only flourish when temperatures are low and humidity levels are relatively high.
If the tomato plant will not be watered regularly or even late in the day, the plant will wither rather quickly. For example normally the plant will be watered before 10 am in the morning. If the plant will be watered a little later in the day for example at 10.30 am the plant will have withered quite rapidly, and it will revive quite slowly. This will also adversely affect the tomato flowers from blooming and tomatoes from growing
The tomato plant is not suitable for the kitchen garden people who will not be at home and have to travel on work or holiday.

Coconut trees classified as a plant

There was a lot of media coverage of the news that instead of being considered a tree, the coconut tree would be classified as a plant as it did not have branches. Many of the people with their own garden have a coconut tree and it can be extremelly profitable to have multiple coconut trees. Each coconut tree will yield 30-40 coconuts every month, and each coconut will cost Rs 15-20. So one coconut tree can yield a monthly income of Rs 6000 or more with relatively less maintenance required.
Realizing that agricultural income will be tax free, and money to be made from coconut, some politicians have tried to quell the controversy, saying that they themselves have planted 3000 coconut trees in their own property.

Organic vegetable seedling sale

The local newspapers announced that Green essentials was holding a sale of vegetable seedlings at International centre, Goa at Dona Paula on december 26, 2015 between 4 to 6 pm. While many would have liked to purchase the vegetable seedlings, the location remained a major deterrent for those who do not have their own vehicle. Even for a person living in Panaji, hiring a rickshaw or car for reaching ICG, Goa can be extremely expensive costing Rs 400 for an hour. This will naturally increase the cost of procuring the seedlings. The public transport in the area remains limited.

If green essentials would like to increase their sale, and make their seedlings available to the many hobby gardeners in panaji, goa they should hold their sales occassionally in campal, miramar or panaji area, which is far more accessible to people who would be interested in purchasing the plants, seeds and other gardening supplies.