Soil in most pots washed away

One of the major problems faced for terrace gardening in panaji, goa is how the soil in most of the pots appears to have been washed away within one year. The domain investor had filled the pots with coco peat, kitchen waste and newspapers for mulching last year in May , June 2018.

However she has observed that most of the pots which were filled with cocopeat are empty or nearly empty and she will have to make alternate arrangements for filling the pots. In 2015, she had also spent some time, trying to make soil from kitchen waste, and this makes good quality soil, which retains water and is not washed away, unlike cocopeat, which is washed away very quickly

So now the domain investor has to make alternate arrangements to fill the pots and cannot afford to throw any kind of waste away.

Seeds in unclean front yard start germinating after May rains

While keeping the front yard immaculately clean may be socially appropriate, one of the main disadvantages is that all the seeds which are deposited by the birds, animals and from other sources will also be thrown out.
In May 2018, panaji experienced some showers, and now some of the seeds in the front yard are germinating
It is a major challenge for a person with no professional training and experience, identifying the seedlings which are now growing, and separately the flower, fruit and useful plants from the weeds and other plants.
Though there are some sources of seeds, ensuring that they germinate remains a major challenge for the amateur gardener.

Plants are the only thing that the domain investor is allowed to grow in Goa

In a clear indication of the extremely high levels of corruption, nepotism in goa, the corrupt shameless goan officials are making it almost impossible for the google competitor to grow her business online, blocking payment, closing her account as google, tata have got raw/cbi jobs for the sex worker, inexperienced, fraud relatives of top officials like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak.

The only thing that she is allowed to grow in goa, are plants, and even these are periodically targetted with lasers so that the leaves will shrink and dry up. However these officials are unable to destroy some plants, so these plants are the only things which are of interest to the domain investor

Instead of wasting more time and money online, with negative growth in revenues, it is better to grow plants, which show far better growth in goa compared to any online business, due to the goan government identity theft racket.

Theft of aquatic plants in panaji, goa forces good competitor to order again

The google competitor had great faith in the law and order situation in goa, did not realize that security agencies are involved in criminal trespassing of her house till January 2018. So taking advantage of the duplicate keys which they had, the security agencies and their associates like raw/cbi employees sex worker sunaina, siddhi, riddhi, naina and their associates stole every aquatic plant from the house of the google competitor out of hatred, to cause losses.

As there is no growing or additional source of passive income online for the google competitor she is forced to look at other options, and she decided to reorder the aquatic plants, instead of being cheated , exploited online everytime by google,tata and their associates

Plants in the compound of google competitor killed again

Few can match the hatred of the raw/cbi/security agency employees in panaji goa for the google competitor who they have ruthlessly defamed, cheated, exploited and tortured for more than 8 years since 2010 to get sex, money bribes.
On 7 May 2018 , the google competitor found that the leaves and branches of a plant in her compound had been again cut and ruthlessly slashed , dropped on the ground
Many people have plants growing outside their compound , and usually no one is cutting the branches
However the google competitor, is finding that an unidentified vandal is repeatedly slashing the branches of the plant growing on the wall.
Additionally a pot kept in the compound was also overturned and thrown on the ground
Any information about the plant slasher running amok in panaji, goa will be appreciated.

NTRO banking fraud, sex, bribery racket has made gardening more lucrative than working online in India

Due to google , tata masterminded NTRO paypal, banking fraud,sex, bribery racket, google, tata supplied goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not any money and time online are considered online experts, domain investors by the extremely incompetent indian government, getting a monthly indian government salary without doing any work, without any investing any money, while the domain investor spending her time and money online works like a slave so that the government employees can enjoy unlimited free sex with gooogle, tata supplied goan R&AW employee prostitutes bhandari sunaina chodan, gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, and get bribes from other frauds like veena,riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, naina

So the domain investor is spending $4500 or more on domain renewals annually, and is making less than $1000 dollars annually if all the expenses like the cost of a laptop, dongle, internet charges are considered because google, tata are fraud companies exploiting hard working harmless indian citizens to supply goan prostitutes to government employees for sex, get bribes for government employees through frauds like veena or for their relatives like nayanshree hathwar

On the other hand, there are many plants which will cost less than $1 if sourced properly and can be multiplied repeatedly, selling for $1.8. In panaji, there is almost no person selling plants for less than $1.8 . There also no annual fees to be paid after plants are purchased , only 15 minutes has to be spent watering the plants daily or once in few days. The domain investor already has about 100 aloe vera plants available for sale. the domain investor is spending less than 30 minutes daily on the plants, she is spending 6-7 hours daily working on the computer , yet she is making only $1000 annually as profit or approximately Rs 5000 a month

If she spends 1 hour daily on the plants, she can easily have 600 plants for sale in 3 months time, and almost all the money will be a profit for her, so now it is time to seriously rethink spending time and money online, when gardening is far more lucrative in goa at least, due to widespread fraud.

Gardening shows more promise than working online for google competitor.

However much the google competitor will try, the online revenues are always decreasing, so in the long term it is better to focus on gardening, as the plants will automatically grow, if they are watered regularly, and allowed the space.
For example the domain investor had purchased a snake plant in an exhibition at a fairly low price. A few months later, she found that the plant had automatically multiplied without much additional effort
The jade plant, portulucca, money plants are also growing very well, without much effort
She also has more than 50 aloe vera plants which she can sell to anyone who is interested
Online, however much she tries, there is almost no growth, she is only wasting her time

Google,tata sponsored cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina and her associates damaging neighbours plants

Earlier google, tata sponsored goan bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodan, was the main suspect for the vandalism and damage in the house owned by a woman in panaji, goa , now it is increasingly clear that Google,tata sponsored cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife, eighth standard pass naina, mother of two sons, and her associates are also damaging the woman,a neighbours plants
Regularly the woman would find that some plants have been broken intentionally out of hatred and could not trace the culprits
So on sunday she would keep the house locked to prevent damage to the plants and other items.
However on 15 April 2018, she found that only the top part of the plant was damaged, and only a person entering the house of the school dropout cbi employee could have caused the damage. The cbi employe has installed a cctv camera, and are monitoring it so closely that even a paper entering the house compound is monitored and they will fight, so they must be aware of who damaged the top branches of the plant as it will take some time.
Many of the plants owned by the google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee naina like the jasmine, hibiscus, four o clock flowers, are also entering the compound of the neighbours, however to avoid offending, the neighbours do not damage the plant, breaking the leaves,branches of these plants.
However pampered by google, tata and her powerful lover parmar, the google, tata sponsored school dropout naina who are getting her a salary, with the stolen resume, without doing any work, gujju housewife naina, has become very arrogant, and are intentionally damaging or stealing the plants.

DD Kisan terrace garden episode has no information on suppliers of plants

DD Kisan had a detailed episode on water based plants which can be grown on the terrace, including information on water lilies, lotuses, water chestnut, lettuce and other water plants.
However the main problem which most people who wish to grow plants on their terrace, is finding suitable suppliers of these plants
In most towns, and some cities of India, there are few suppliers of plants which grow in water
The google competitor had collected a large number of plants growing in water, however they were all stolen in 2017-2018, allegedly by google associates in panaji, goa were involved in home intrusion
They could easily contact suppliers and feature them, get some money from advertising

No one harvesting coconuts from trees in goa

In goa, there is a shortage of coconuts according to the newspapers, and the state is importing the coconuts from other states.
However this is another example of misuse of resources, as there are many coconut trees, with no one to harvest the coconuts from them
Each tree usually has 20-30 coconuts available for picking once a fortnight and there are at least 40 coconut trees in a small area of panaji, goa in campal.
However there is no one who is plucking the coconuts from the trees regularly, only when they fall on the ground, someone will pick up them up.