Slug in potted plants ordered online

The major disadvantage of ordering plants online is that some dangerous pests can be included in the pots which can damage the existing plants . For example an insulin plant was ordered online, and was despatched in a black bag .
However when the black grow bag was slit it was found that there is a very big brown, black slug in the mud of the pot and it was trying to get out. It was not easy to get rid of the slug, only covering with wet newspapers ensured that the slug did not roam around and cause damage to the other plants in the area. So if it possible, it is always advisable to grow plants from seeds, instead of importing pests from other places.

Free mango saplings available

Free mango saplings available in Panaji,Goa
Persons wanting the mango saplings should collect the saplings from the specified address, Most of saplings are from quality mango fruit
Limited time offer, saplings will be available only a few months
Please send an email to

Looking for SHG for selling succulents, small plants in bulk

Looking for self help groups who are interesting in selling succulents, small plants in bulk at exhibitions and trade fairs, to local stores
all plants will be supplied at a very low rates, Rs 20 or less per plant
Some of the plants available are
Money plant, pothos
Aloe vera
Jade plant

Please revert with details of plants wanted and quantity

Why gardening is good for organized stalking victims

Domain investors in India are targetted for organized stalking by the jealous powerful indian intelligence and security agency officials, especially if the domain investor is not well connected. The indian intelligence agencies, especially CBI, NTRO are ruthless in destroying the life, reputation and finances of the their victim, the targetted individual, blocking almost all payment, closing the account to force the person to sell the domain names cheaply.
It is very frustrating for the domain investor, however much time and effort he or she may spend online, the income does not increase, in fact, it is decreasing rapidly . When almost all the work they are doing online results in almost zero income due to abuse of power, the confidence of the person reduces rapidly. So it is important to develop some offline hobbies , and gardening is one of the best offline hobbies a person can have.
While the intelligence and security agencies will also target the garden, they have to make far more effort to destroy the garden, compared to blocking payment from foreign companies as there is no transparency. After a year, it is possible to grow a fairly wide variety of low cost easy to grow plants with a little effort. Unlike the indian internet sector, where there is a lot of discrimination, abuse of powers, the plants do not stop growing just because a specific person owns them. The experience can help rebuild the confidence which was cunningly destroyed by ntro employees like j srinivasan, when they closed the account on almost every online forum without giving a valid reason.

Plant seller told not to sell plants

In a clear indication of the open hatred, cbi told the plant seller not to intentionally sell plants to the domain investor , whose retirement savings, resume, and correspondence they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason. One of the main advantages of going to mumbai is that plants are available for sale at a fairly reasonable price, however in April 2017, there were very few plant sellers visible. Usually a plant seller would come to a particular place, on alternate days to sell plants.
However in April 2017, the plant seller was selling his plants at another location in the same area. The fact that the plant seller was still in business was apparent because he was spotted transporting the plants at around 4 pm on a friday, indicating how ruthless cbi is in ensuring that the domain investor does not have experience in any other area, to make her a prime target for identity theft

Slugs killing all seeds, seedlings

It has become almost impossible to grow any plant from seeds in a particular area, because slugs are eating up almost all the seedlings. Most of the pest killers for slugs are not working, the slugs continue to flourish.
Online some websites said that egg shells could be used, however adding egg shells has not made a difference in one pot there are 30-40 slugs attacking any plant which will grow. The egg shells should have damaged the soft body of the slug, in reality it has not made a difference.
Any person or organization who can supply chemicals or suggest a method to get rid of the slugs can send an email to

Higher costs of plants online

Due to the higher transportation expenses, plants which are available online are priced far higher than the offline prices. While goa is notorious for high priced plants (with the forest department plants the only exception), in most towns and cities the prices of plants are far more online . Most of the plants in Mumbai are available for Rs 40-50 each in 2017, while online the plant prices usually start at Rs 200 onwards.
Money plant or pothos is the cheapest plant offline , however most online retailers are selling the plant for at least Rs 230 indicating the highly inflated online prices.
The cheapest live plant online is aloe vera costing approximately Rs 118 per plant on ebay at present

Aquatic plants dying due to unknown reasons

Since vandalism by miscreants has become widespread in panaji, goa, as they enter the house with duplicate keys, the aquatic plants purchased online were kept in different locations so that a location specific problem would not destroy all the plants. It is found that the Salvinia minima are flourishing at one location in panaji, goa, while they are dying quickly at another location in the same city. In both cases, tap water is being used , however almost all the plants have died, while in another area, they are flourishing and new leaves are visible.
A similar problem is faced for Azolla caroliniana and Duckweed.
Any solution to the problem will be appreciated