Few gardening related magazines in India

There are many people interested in gardening, especially in small towns, where there are limited opportunities for getting a job or any other kind of work. However in India there are very few magazines on gardening available, most of the magazines are clubbing home and garden together. Even in these magazines, there is very little gardening related information, only a few pages. In the articles the gardening writers are only using the latin name of the plants, and in many cases, they are not mentioning the indian name or common name or even a photo of the plant.
The only way an amateur gardener can find out the name of the plant, what it is looking like, is to use search engines or a botanical dictionary. Publishers of gardening related magazines can send their magazine details to info@textads.in

Many plants die during transit

While it is difficult to find low cost suppliers of plants in goa, there are some risks involved in transporting the plants over a very long distance. Many of the plants are dying when transported by air due to rough handling and a variety of other reasons like change in weather
Some expensive chilli and flower plants were purchased in Mumbai in October 2016, and all these plants have died within a month. Due to the unknown reasons the plant is wilting and dying , though it is being watered regularly
If anyone is aware of how to prevent wilting of plants, please send an email to info@textads.in

Leaves continue to lose chlorophyll

Usually moong or bean seeds are considered to be the easiest to grow among all plants, germinating quickly and growing very fast in all kinds of soils. However due to unspecified reasons , in December 2016, the leaves continue to lose chlorophyll very rapidly after a few days . The chlorophyll in the leaves in gradually fading away and the plants are also not growing .
Adding different fertilizers is also not helping to any great extent. This problem is faced for plants grown in only a few pots, other plants are growing fairly well. It appears that there is a problem with the soil in the pots ,.If anyone else is facing the same problem or has found a solution to the problem, please send an email to info@textads.in

Government officials mercilessly stalk, harass their engineering classmate

To enjoy life time free sex, career promotion powerful ntro officials led by puneet, j srinivasan and others mercilessly stalk, defame, harass, torture, their harmless btech 1993 ee classmate, a harmless single woman engineer, whose impressive resume they have stolen for 10 lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored goan call girls, cheater housewives and other frauds to get all the frauds lucrative indian intelligence jobs, forcing her to relocate repeatedly. These officials are merciless in diverting and stealing her correspondence so that the only visitors she is having are birds, squirrels, wasps and bees, puneet is diverting all her correspondence to his favorite goan call girl R&AW employee diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, falsely claiming to help , when actually he is doing everything possible to isolate his classmate whose life he has destroyed making it almost imposssible to get any kind of work including writing and content jobs

Finding small pet animals and plants

Increasingly companies like google, tata are allegedly using hitech methods like microwave radiation to torture and slowly murder their competitor. The NTRO and other officials are bribed to misuse the expensive equipment to murder a harmless citizen offering permanent jobs for their mediocre lazy relatives, friends and sex partners falsely claiming that these women are online experts and domain investors, owning this domain also . To detect the exact location of their victim, the officials like the relatives of goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc bhandari slut sunaina chodnekar, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, are using infra red imaging and ultrasound methods, so one way to deflect the attention of these officials is to keep one of more small pets at home , as the infra red will also catch these pets, plants and make it more difficult to detect the position of the human resident of the home.
However keeping pets at home can be time consuming and expensive as they require a lot of care. Dogs have to be taken for a walk daily, cats may dirty the house. Finding small pets, plants which require less care and easy to keep animals can be difficult for a person living in a small town

Caterpillars destroy garden

One of the main problems faced by those owning a garden are caterpillars who are eating up all the leaves and flowers. The caterpillars appear to be particularly fond of bean plants, and eat up all the leaves and flowers.
Hibiscus leaves and flowers are also eaten by the caterpillars.
The only way to remove the caterpillars is manually or hope that some bird will come and eat up the caterpillar
In panaji, goa, the grey coloured hairy caterpillars are most common
In October 2016, the plants suffered a major caterpillar attack, most of the caterpillars have been removed manually.

Radiation burns damage tree branches, plants

The relentless torture using microwave radiation weapons of a harmless obc single woman engineer and domain investor has forced her to lead a nomadic life trying to evade the cruel criminal officials who are stalking and torture her, causing microwave radiation burns, great pain . Now these officials are upset that they cannot torture the domain investor using radiation weapons near her house, so they are targetting all the plants and trees in the area.
Unlike humans and animals who can flee to evade these criminal cruel animal like ntro and other officials, the harmless plants cannot evade the criminal officials who are allowed to misuse microwave radiation weapons on whatever or whoever they wish to.
So it is noticed that the tender shoots of the plants and trees are being targetted by the criminal ntro officials and have suddenly dried up. Can ntro, the indian government explain how burning the plants and trees of a harmless indian citizen is a matter of national security, If these officials have no work in goa, they should be deployed to border areas instead of allowing them to run amok and damage plants and indian citizens

Selling aloe vera plant

Google, tata and the ntro officials on their payroll are extremely ruthless in destroying the life and finances of India’s largest female domain investor, blocking almost all payment, closing the account at almost all online websites. Instead of wasting time online and finding the payment blocked it is better to find some offline sources of income, which these officials cannot easily block.
One option being considered seriously is selling aloe vera plants,
On ebay a seller from Odisha is selling aloe vera plants for Rs 119 each and he has got a lot of orders
So if the google, tata sabotage continues, it will be better to sell aloe vera plants online instead of selling digital products or services, as the leads and orders are being diverted and stolen.

Tree branches broken intentionally

Some senior tata, google officials hate a female domain investor so much that they are allegedly even killing the plants in the garden repeatedly, breaking branches of a tree. Some branches of a tree had broken in June 2016, tata officials through their associates, allegedly goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina called the fire brigade and got almost the entire tree chopped off.
However after the rains, some branches started growing from the tree, yet tata and their associates hate the domain investor so much that they do not want to allow her to make a penny or paisa online or offline.
So again in September 2016, the domain investor found that some of the branches of a tree had been broken off. Animals do not break off the branches in this manner. additionally some branches of some marigold plants kept on the terrace have also been broken indicating how malicious the tata officials are.