Instead of improving their immunity, some people blame gardeners for dengue and other health problems in panaji

One of the unique forms of harassment which the goa government can trademark, is blaming gardeners for dengue in panaji, goa.
Some people have almost no water at home, during summer, yet they are blamed for dengue in the entire locality.
Going to the area is a waste of time, become some people are always stalking the domain investor, and pestering her about the small pots in her house. Even the small icecream cups which are recycled for growing plants are being monitored by the idle stalkers of panaji, who have no other work, since the goa governments wastes taxpayer money paying salaries to people who are idle
There are many people in the area, who are growing far more plants in their house, only the domain investor is harassed relentlessly almost everytime she is going to the area, with people in the area behaving as if keeping any kind of water in a house or growing plants is a great crime.

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