Gardening to grow vegetables, flower plants is a valuable skill

Engineers who are targetted for identity theft should realize that gardening to grow vegetables, flower plants is an extremely valuable skill, which they greatly help them avoid starvation and also increase their confidence levels
The domain investor has observed that she is mostly targetted for organized stalking when she is shopping for vegetables, the security and intelligence agencies send their associates to harass the domain investor when she is shopping for fresh vegetables
At one stage, the harassment of NTRO, R&AW, cbi officials like hathwar, kodancha, j srinivasan was so much, that the domain investor was terrified and could only step out of the house, once a week, she had to starve the rest of the time. To prevent such a problem occuring in future, growing vegetables is one of main goals for the domain investor

Growing vegetables may appear to be very simple, however there are a large number of factors, like the number of pests in the area, quality of the soil, pot, container being used, quality of the seeds , type of vegetable, where the pot or container is being kept. Many people complain that the seeds are not germinating, however they do not realize that the pests in the area may have eaten all the seeds they planted. Protecting plants from pests is a major challenge

The domain investor has tried very hard to grow brinjal, chilli plants from seeds, however she has not succeeded till date to grow any big plant. However she keeps trying to grow these plants, using different soils, pots, different locations. She had better luck with beans. So unless a person tries to grow these vegetables, they will never find out the problems which they will face gardening, and find solutions to these problems.

Only engineer, google competitor harassed by cbi employee and husband for gardening in panaji, goa

Why is the chainsmoking husband of Kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina not removing his own pots,plants before complaining about others pots and plants.
Google, tata sponsored Kolhapur born school dropout gujju housewife cbi employee naina has plenty of pots,plants yet her husband complains when google competitor purchases a few pots,plants falsely claiming that they cause mosquitoes and dengue

In a clear example of hypocrisy and double standards of the the google, tata sponsored Kolhapur born school dropout gujju housewife cbi employee naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh, and is the mother of two sons and her chainsmoking moustachioed husband, she has plenty of plants and pots in her house with rose and other plants, yet she is only blaming others, especially the google competitor’s plants for mosquitoes and dengue.

Yet in a clear example of hypocrisy and double standards , she and her husband are complaining to everyone that the pots in the house of the domain investor, google competitor are causing dengue, mosquitoes when the domain investor has very few pots in her house and almost no water, after the taps and plumbing system were damaged after the latest burglary on her house in October 1, 2018. The domain investor has almost no plants in her house compared to the other houses in the vicinity, yet the gujju identity thief and her husband, are only blaming the google competitor for mosquitoes

For example , in October 2018, the chainsmoking husband of google, tata sponsored Kolhapur born school dropout gujju housewife cbi employee naina again complained to a senior citizen about the pots in the verandah of the house of the google competitor. In the area, everyone has plenty of pots and plants, in fact they have far more plants, yet the chainsmoking husband of the school dropout cbi employee housewife naina, is only harassing the senior citizen

An open question to the gujju identity thief gang hiding behind Google, tata sponsored Kolhapur born school dropout gujju housewife cbi employee naina, why are they not asking other people living in the area, to remove all their plants and pots, why are they targetting the engineer alone

Cannabis plants worth Rs 3.5 lakh, found in Porvorim, Goa

Goa is becoming notorious for cheap alcohol and drugs, and it appears that at least some people are growing cannabis plants in their garden, Earlier people were arrested in South Goa for growing cannabis, and in the latest instance of drugs being grown locally, the media reported that Cannabis plants valued at Rs 3.5 lakh were seized from the home of a 20 year old in Porvorim, North Goa, near Panaji
Most of the tourists to goa, stay in the north goa tourist belt, close to Calangute, Baga, Anjuna
With very few opportunities in goa, due to high levels of corruption, gardening is a popular option for people of all ages.
It now appears that Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular, because the newspapers are claiming that only two plants were found, and these plants cost Rs3.5 lakh.
So each plant is costing Rs 1.75 lakh, a fairly large amount.

Gardening is a very effective way of improving fitness levels

In addition to being a very relaxing hobby especially for organized stalking victims who are isolated, cheated and betrayed by almost everyone, gardening is a very effective way of improving fitness levels for older persons.

Gardening activities are definitely more healthier than spending time in front of the laptop or computer, and additionally, ntro, raw, cbi, goan and indian government refuse to acknowledge the time and money she is spending, falsely giving google, tata sponsored frauds, sex workers credit and a salary
In addition to reducing the weight to some extent, it appears that the body is fitter.

For the last few years, the domain investor was finding it difficult to crouch and sit down. Usually the fitness of a person decreases as the person grows older.
However in 2018, when the domain investor went to mumbai in october 2018, she noticed that she could easily crouch and sit down, the pain she was experiencing for the last few years has disappeared.

There is no major change in the lifestyle of the domain investor, except that she is spending more time gardening in 2018, compared to earlier, since she has largely lost hope in making much money online due to the google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi sex, bribery, racket, banking fraud.
The improvement in fitness levels was a very pleasant surprise, and so the domain investor has decided to spend more time gardening

Drumstick seedling uprooted in the house of the google competitor by panaji robber gang

After the latest burglary in the house of the google competitor on October 1, 2018, the google competitor changed the lock. Earlier the lock pickers could open the lock, and also close it without have any key.

Now the lock is changed , so a key will be required to close the lock, otherwise, the lock pickers will have to leave the lock open, making it obvious that they have tampered and entered the house.
it appears that the panaji burglary gang, again tried to enter the house of the google competitor, however they realized that the lock would expose the criminal trespassing. So instead they uprooted the drumstick seedling which was kept on the window sill.

In goa, it remains very difficult to find reliable suppliers of drumstick seeds, the domain investor had wasted a lot of time to find a seed supplier. The seeds are also expensive, there are only about 5 seeds in a packet, and they are costing Rs 40.
However the seed had germinated well, and was growing. However in another act of vandalism of the goa burglarly and robber gang, the drumstick seedling was uprooted and thrown in the vicinity, indicating that the vandalism is out of hatred and greed, not for money alone.

Growing Money plants or pothos

While growing plants is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, it can be fairly frustrating, especially for a beginner, if all the plants they are growing will die quickly. So it is recommended that the person grows plants which do not require much maintenance, and are easy to grow.

One of the easiest plants to grow at home or office is the money plant or pothos. There are many varieties of these plants available, however most people are having the variety with green and white leaves. One of the greatest advantages of the money plant, is that it can be grown in water also, and kept indoors, making them ideal for decorating posh offices.

Online these plants are fairly expensive, and most offline nurseries are not stocking the plant, as it is very common. They are widely used for purifying the air, especially in metro cities like delhi where pollution levels are high.

Aloe vera plant die due to over watering

Tired of ntro, google, tata’s sex, bribery racket, financial, banking fraud since 2010, the domain investor is focusing on growing plants, and she has been able to grow a large number of aloe vera plants, without any problem, though she has only a small amount of space available

However when she sold an aloe vera plant online, the buyer said that the plant had died. It had probably died because of overwatering.

It is rather surprising, because the domain investor has some aloe vera plants whose roots are immersed in water for many months, yet they survive
However these aloe vera plants are kept on the terrace, and are getting direct sunlight

Make money from your gardening blog/website dropshipping plants

Increasingly it is extremely difficult to make any money from a website despite spending a lot of money and time creating unique content. The advertising rates are very low , and most affiliate leads, conversions and orders are stolen by ntro employees who cannot be identified or held accountable. So one of the best ways to monetize a gardening, home decor blog or website is by dropshipping plants as the ntro employees are least interested in selling plants directly.

The conversion rate is also higher, for example the domain investor owning this website has been trying to get online advertising and content writing orders for more than 4 years since 2014, however she has got almost no direct paying orders, despite her best efforts, spending a lot of time and effort, because of the large scale theft of orders for digital products and services by indian government employees who cannot be identified.

On the other hand, in August and September 2018, the domain investor has got one direct order each, and a large number of leads, indicating that gardening leads are easier to covert into orders, if the plants are actually supplied . So for those who do not have a large number of plants in stock, the Quick Dropshipping plant website stocking medicinal, flowering and other plants will help.

This is similar to business model of television networks, instead of advertising they are showing ads from teleshopping networks selling physical products at a highly discounted price as advertisers do not trust smaller websites, television channels.

Gardening good option for women facing sexual exploitation, harassment

Due to the regressive attitude of indian intelligence and security agencies, leaders the status of women in India is worsening yearly in the last decade and many well educated women find that they have extremely limited or no opportunities if they are not willing to offer sex bribes or agree to identity theft.

The so called women leaders like shameless greedy bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, ruchika are either puppets or are only interested in their own welfare, they do not help women who are cheated and exploited by powerful men, especially government employees. These men sexually harassing well educated women in India are extremely ruthless in blocking orders, payment, diverting and stealing all opportunities for their own associates.

So instead of wasting time fighting a losing battle against corrupt government employees who cannot be identified or held accountable and can waste infinite indian tax payer money to harass harmless well educated women, it is better for the woman to devote some of her time and effort for gardening at home, especially if she has some land or open space at home, is living in a small town with limited opportunities.

Unlike crafting, stitching and other activities, where the output depends on the amount of time spent, gardening can be a good source of flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, kitchen supplies without spending much time daily, only some time has to be spent watering the plants, adding fertilizer. It is also possible to sell some of the plants locally in trade shows and other exhibitions, sales. It is also a very relaxing hobby.

Someone powerful is very angry with plants in panaji, goa

It appears that a very powerful official in panaji is very upset that the google competitor has managed to find an alternative to online work, growing plants, foiling his best laid plans
There are a lot of plants growing on the footpaths around the house of the google competitor , and regularly the plants are being killed using a machine, in other areas they are growing wild.
The official thought that the google competitor could be forced to only work online for the rest of her life, though she was making almost no money, However the google competitor has realized that she is being ruthlessly cheated and exploited online, so she is spending her time and money offline also mostly growing plants, as she cannot interact with others due to harassment