Monthly Archives: July 2016

Soil in coastal goa not very fertile for gardening

Now it is confirmed that the soil in goa in Goa especially coastal areas is not very fertile compared to the neighbouring states. In coastal areas, most of the soil is very sandy and does not retain any water for a long time, so it is difficult to grow any kind of crop without daily watering. The difference in soil quality can be observed when growing seeds in pots with mud, which are imported to goa from other states like Maharashtra.
Though the pot will be expensive costing Rs 75-110 each and the plant will die in a short period of time, the mud and pot can be used for a few years for growing seeds and plants.
While the seeds planted in local soil do not germinate or grow, the seeds which are put in the pots from Pune sold by vendors in Goa or purchased directly from Mumbai are growing fast and well. The problem is extremely noticeable in coastal areas close to the beaches where salinity levels are high.

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