Leaves losing chlorophyll

Due to unknown reasons all moong and other plants in a particular pot are losing all the chlorphyll over a period of time and then drying up. The seeds from the same seed batch which were planted elsewhere are not facing a similar problem . The loss of chlorophyll is a gradual process taking a few weeks .
There appears to be a problem with the soil or a pest which is causing the loss of chlorophyll over a period of time.
The dark green leaves become almost white after a few weeks
Any information on the cause of loss of chlorophyll will be appreciated, along with home remedies

Easier to grow seedlings than seeds

It is observed that the germination rate of most seeds in goa remains fairly low. There are a number of moon snails, millipedes in the garden which are killing the seeds soon after they germinate, so that few seedlings are surviving.
After the seedling has grown to a certain height, there is rarely a problem with the plant, however it remains extremely difficult to make the seed germinate and grow. So though seeds are costing very less for most varieties of seeds, Rs 1 or less per seed, firms, individuals which sell seedlings are charging a fairly large amount for each seedling, sometimes Rs 25 or more, for a seedling in a pot.

Well connected gang causes further damage to terrace garden

because google,tata, ntro, cbi are allegedly protecting and promoting the lazy greedy goan sex worker R&AW employee slim sunaina , falsely claiming that she owns domain names, she and her associates are extremely vicious in causing damage to the harmless obc domain investor causing the most losses possible. In addition to the garden at the ground floor, in the last week, they have caused great damage to the garden on the terrace of a house.
The moong plant had got some flowers and moong, however it appears that the google, tata sponsored goan sex expert R&AW employee sunaina and her associates were extremely vicious in their attack and vandalism of the terrace garden.
The moong was plucked from the moong plant, and only the outer skin of the moong was left on the terrace. They had also viciously broken the branches of some of the moong plants, a few were broken at the bottom of the main stem.
A bird like a crow or pigeon cannot cause this kind of damage to a moong plant, it was obviously damage caused by humans
It will be interesting to understand the mindset of those who are damaging the plants, why they are spending so much time and energy using the duplicate keys available with intelligence/security agencies, climbing to the terrace and then systematically removing all the moong pods from the plant on the top floor terrace garden.

Seeds should planted separately.

In areas where there are a lot of snails, it is advisable to plant the seeds separately in containers and transplant them when they grow to a particular size.
It is observed that in pots where there are many small snails, almost no seeds are germinating or growing because the snails are uprooting the plants or eating the roots
At present there is no known medicine or method available for getting rid of snails without damaging the plants

More seedlings being killed by officials wasting tax payer money

It appears that the surveillance on the obc single woman engineer is being misused to monitor her and kill the plants in her garden . When the engineer is not in the house, these officials misuse the surveillance to enter the house with the master keys that indian intelligence agencies have and damage the garden, as they try to cause maximum harm to her.
On saturday, the stem of a cluster bean seedling was cut, and on Monday when the engineer had gone out for work, the stem of the ladysfinger seedling was cut by the cruel vicious cbi/R&AW officials and their associates allegedly on the payroll of google, tata .
In another house, the marigold seedlings on the terrace garden were also damaged to some extent, found near the main entrance
These officials are extremely vicious in causing damage, they want to ensure that she does not make a single paisa, it is unlikely that any animal or bird or insect can cause this kind of damage to seedlings.

Can cbi, R&AW, ntro explain how killing the seedlings in the garden are a matter of national security, tax evasion, why not admit that officials are abusing their powers for personal gain and hatred.