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Clay pots

Clay pots are probably the best in terms of quality and suitability for growing different kinds of plants. However these pots are very fragile and will break into multiple pieces if they are not handled carefully. So if proper packaging is not available for the pot, it is not advisable to purchase the clay pot.

It is also not very easy to find a retailer for clay pots in a small town. Only in a exhibition or trade fair can a hobby gardener find clay pots for his or her garden, Usually a trade fair will be held once a quarter and the local potters will display clay pots and other pottery items including home decor items for sale.

The cost of the pot will also vary. A few months ago, the potter was charging Rs 30 for a small size pot, now the price has been increased to Rs 60. Pottery suppliers can send their details and prices to

Finding pots for plants

In a larger city, it is relatively easy to find a shop stocking plants and pots for sale, however in a small town there are extremely limited options for finding a pot supplier. A buyer has to check several shops in a small town before finding a seller for plastic pots
The different kinds of pots available are
– mud/clay pots , not very easily available as most stores do not stock them
– plastic pots, can be found in some stores selling plasticware like buckets, mugs, plastic brooms, dustbins
– pots made from recycled bottles and containers

Most of the plants available locally are usually planted in black polybags which the buyer is expected to transfer to a pot.
There are advantages and disadvantages of each of the different kinds of pots available and these are described in detail separately.

Gardening as a hobby

Gardening remains one of most popular and relaxing hobby for people of all ages, requiring relatively less time, money and effort compared to other hobbies. One of the greater advantages of gardening remains the flexibility, if a person is busy, he or she can just water the plants and if they have more time they can grow more plants, trim the plants, collect the fruits and vegetables which have grown.
While the social network of a person can be a good source of getting planting material especially if the person is staying in an independent house, in a new city or town it will be difficult to get gardening supplies. The problem is particularly accute in small towns with a population of less than 25000, to find a suitable supplier for gardening supplies like pots and mud. Travelling 10km just to purchase plants does not seem to worthwhile
So some innovative methods have been devised to do some gardening at home, which are discussed

DIY home garden

Tips on how to start, manage and maintain a home garden without any knowledge or experience or local help.
Though there are many websites related to gardening online, most of the information available remains country specific. A majority of the websites are related to countries with a temperate climate like UK. USA and Canada. The gardening supplies are also country specific and may not be available world wide.

Information on a home garden covers
Mud, soil
choice of plants

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