NTRO not allowing some indian domain investors to have a passive source of income online

The NTRO employees and their associates themselves are not interested in investing money in domain names and websites as they are risk averse greedy frauds, yet they are ruthless in causing losses to some harmless indian domain investors who are trying to develop a passive source of income online. They are intentionally hacking most of the websites and ad networks so that the person does not have any passive source of income however much he or she may try .
Ideally a person should be able to make more money after investing a large amount of money and time, however a google competitor finds that if she is only investing her time, she is making more money, compared to investing both her money and time in domain names, because of the google, tata masterminded sex, bribery, resume theft racket since 2010
The 10 google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and fraud R&AW/Cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree are least interested in doing any work online, investing any money online, taking any risk. they are only relying on their sugar daddies, pimps, lovers and relatives to abuse their powers and make fake claims about online work and online investment to get them a monthly government salary at the expense of the google competitor

Selling and buying human hair

In addition to being used for making wigs, human hair can be used for a large number of other applications including gardening to get rid of slugs and other pests . In some larger cities and towns, there are people who collect human hair from women are pay them for the hair. Temples like tirupati are making a lot of money from the human hair of devotees who shave or cut their hair.

More details available at buyers and sellers of human hair, applications and news. More details on human hair exchange, applications and news . Buyers of human hair can also contact.

Lighting and camera with motion detection required

Due to google, tata sex, identity theft racket since 2010,the google competitor cannot get any reliable person to do waterproofing, and then get the power supply restored as the local security and intelligence agencies allegedly bribed by google, tata are extorting a huge amount of money when the google competitor contacts anyone in panaji, goa for repairs. So low cost lighting and cameras with motion detection are required for the home of the google competitor. Please send specifications and pricing of the motion detection equipment

Soil quality testing, usage

Since google, tata are ruthless, shameless in exploiting harmless indian female domain investors to supply goan SEX workers, get money, job bribes for top NTRO,CBI, R&AW,security agency employees, the domain investors are forced to diversify in other sectors. As the section 420 fraud google, tata employees are ruthless in filing fake cases, many domain investors are forced to focus on gardening, keeping pets as the interaction with other human beings is less. However for plants to grow well, the soil should be fertile. So it is important to develop a proper system of soil quality testing, usage, so that the rights plants can be grown in the soil. Only a few plants can be grown in soil which is not very fertile and the crops, seeds should be selected accordingly.
Suppliers of soil quality testing units can contact, send their offers by email to info@textads.in

Aloe vera plants available

Aloe vera is an easy to grow plant which does not require daily watering, fertilizers, so it is suitable for those who are travelling a lot and cannot water the plant daily.
Aloe vera is used for various skin and health related problems and aloe vera gel is fairly expensive
Aloe vera plants available in panaji, goa at a low cost
One aloe vera plant in a plastic container will be provided
Home delivery option available
If interested kindly send an email to info@textads.in

Gardening to prevent harassment

In the indian internet sector, domain investors are relentlessly harassed by powerful officials, falsely accusing them of being addicted to the internet though they do not use the internet for more than 3 hours a day. So developing an alternate hobby will be a good way to avoid harassment and gardening is very relaxing and enjoyable hobby for people of all ages. Depending on the area available a person can have a small kitchen garden or a full fledged garden if they live in a large house.


傚̶ɴ ђ䬐щ➨ы

Cow dung and cow urine for gardening

While scientists and farm managers at ICAR are recommending that people use cow dung and cow urine for their kitchen garden and gardening problems like pests, one of main problems faced by those living in small towns and cities is finding cows for dung and cow urine. In Mumbai, there are some places with cowsheds, buffaloes and cows, however in small towns like Panaji, it is relatively difficult to find a cow grazing freely to collect their dung.
A few decades ago, in Miramar area near Panaji, there were fields and goats would be roaming freely, so the goat dung could be used for gardening which was good for plant growth. Now almost all the fields have been replaced by houses and buildings. A woman also said that cow urine will make the coconut tree increase the yield.
If cow dung is used in a pot, it will retain water and the plant will have to be watered only once a week. It appears that the plants sold in Mumbai are using cow dung, so they will survive for some time without any water at all.,
However,finding a cow and the cow dung remains difficult in small towns which are relatively cow free due to the large number of vehicles in the town.

Intelligence, security agency officials leaving snail shells in garden, damaging,stealing seedlings

In an indication of the extent of the harassment on India’s largest female domain investor in panaji, goa , repeatedly the seedling planted are disappearing and empty snail shells are being left in the pot or polythene container. On the terrace there are almost no snails or other pests as the area is closed, yet almost no plants are growing and empty snail shells can be found regularly.

The Karela or bitter gourd seeds also found split into 2 pieces on the terrace, indicating the extent of stalking and harassment allegedly by the ntro sex queen slim R&AW employee sunny bunny alias sunaina, her powerful friends, sex partners and associates . It is extremely unusual to find seeds which are split into 2 different parts, indicating the extremely high levels of hatred that NTRO sex goddess sunny bunny, her lovers and her associates have. Of all the seeds available in the market, Karela seeds are the most expensive seeds with only 5-6 seeds available for Rs 20.

On June 27, 2016, when a pot was inspected there were a large number of seeds of cluster beans, long beans, brinjal which were germinating in the terrace garden. Due to health problems and heavy rains , the domain investor could not visit the garden for some time. On 30 June, there was not a single seed of cluster beans, long beans, brinjal in any pot. Most of the seeds are poison coated, so it is dangerous for pests to consume these seeds. It is extremely unlikely that pests have eaten all the seeds, without leaving any trace at all.

The same seeds were planted in another area where these officials and their associates are less likely to enter and many seeds are germinating well, seedlings have grown well and quickly though the same natural pests are present indicating the high levels of hatred faced by india’s largest female domain investor. More updates on state sponsored garden/plant havoc in panaji, goa will be posted for the next few months, till the monsoons end.

Soil in coastal goa not very fertile for gardening

Now it is confirmed that the soil in goa in Goa especially coastal areas is not very fertile compared to the neighbouring states. In coastal areas, most of the soil is very sandy and does not retain any water for a long time, so it is difficult to grow any kind of crop without daily watering. The difference in soil quality can be observed when growing seeds in pots with mud, which are imported to goa from other states like Maharashtra.
Though the pot will be expensive costing Rs 75-110 each and the plant will die in a short period of time, the mud and pot can be used for a few years for growing seeds and plants.
While the seeds planted in local soil do not germinate or grow, the seeds which are put in the pots from Pune sold by vendors in Goa or purchased directly from Mumbai are growing fast and well. The problem is extremely noticeable in coastal areas close to the beaches where salinity levels are high.

Kindly note that google, tata sponsored fraud goan obc bhandari sex specialist R&AW employee slim jeans clad sunaina or any other government employee is not associated with the website in any way as she does not want to do any work or invest any money online, though some extremely powerful R&AW, CBi, NTRO, security agency officials are making fake claims to cover up their sex, cheating fraud.

Fish, fruits and health

The health and skin of a person depends to a large extent on his or her diet. Hence it is recommended that every individual includes some fruits in their diet. In coastal areas or close to the river most people include seafood in their daily meals though during the monsoon, they may have to hunt fish as some types of fishing are banned.