Memory reading used to ensure that plant nursery remained closed

If the ntro employees had ended their identity theft racket with getting their 10 lazy greedy cheater girlfriends and relatives raw/cbi jobs with the stolen resume, the domain investor may have kept quiet, and moved on.
However the ntro employees continue to steal her memory, and are then using the surveillance for stalking the domain investor, wasting her time at every opportunity.

For example the domain investor had planned to go to a nursery in taleigao for checking the plants available, as monsoon is the best time for growing plants
However when she went to the nursery on 27 June 2018, which is some distance away , wasting 30 minutes of her time, she was told that it was closed the whole day. usually the nursery is open on all weekdays

This is another example, of how memory reading is being used to ensure that she does not spend money on the items which she requires and her time is wasted daily

Easy to grow Plants available at a cost lower than pear price

Those who eat a lot of fresh fruits have to spend a lot of money as many of the fruits are very expensive. For example pears are costing Rs 160 per kilo in panaji, goa , and three medium size pears cost Rs 65
In contrast the domain investor can sell at least 5 different varieties of plants for Rs 20 each, yet finds it difficult to get buyers
The plants available are
Aloe vera
Blue butterfly pea

Online monthly advertising is available for even less, Rs 3 per month , yet it is difficult to sell a single ad in a day, because google, tata have ensured that their associates control all the advertising, and they are ruthless in blocking all the advertising for the domain investor, google competitor, whose identity, savings, correspondence they have already stolen

Google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina again kill plant

Though plants may be growing, most people do not kill the plants in other people’s compound. However Google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina and her associates are ruthless in killing any plant at the first opportunity

Instead of being honest and having the humanity to admit that thepowerful lover of naina, parmar, had made a mistake in thinking that he could force the experienced engineer, domain investor to agree to identity theft, the gujju fraud gang with eighth standard pass naina as its face, continues to think that they can bully the engineer to agree to identity theft, give up her resume, savings to the eighth standard pass school dropout.

So on 16 June 2018, the domain investor again found that plant leaves were chopped off, mostly by naina and her associates

Plant prices increase to Rs 300 from Rs 100 as part of the google,tata masterminded extortion, identity theft racket

One of main aspects of the google,tata masterminded extortion, identity theft racket is to steal the savings, resume of the identity theft victim, and then ask the local intelligence and security agency employees to extort money from the victim,the domain investor at every opportunity, so that the victim is paying twice or thrice what others are paying.
For fixing the tarpaulin, the market rate is Rs 700- Rs 800 for a work which will take one to three hours, however the raw/cbi/security agency employees are extorting money after monitoring phone calls so the tarpaulin fixer said he would charge Rs 1800
Similarly in May 2018, when the domain investor went to a nursery near panaji, the staff said that some plants like succulents would cost Rs 100 each
However in June 2018, less than 15 days later, the same nursery is now saying that the same plants will cost Rs 300 each, which is a clear case of extortion, and no succulent is costing less than Rs 250
It clearly shows that surveillance is being used to extort money from the google competitor for everything which she will purchase, an indication of the never ending greed of indian and goan government employees, who are already getting a very good salary, and bribes
They are trying to charge online prices, forgetting that online nurseries are also offering many freebies like free pots, and home delivery, cashback coupons

Silver plant dies

The domain investor had purchased a silver plant, which had silver color leaves from a local nursery.
It was an indoor plant, so she kept it on the window ledge
However after about 15 days, she has found that the plant has withered and died
Trying to revive the plant, she kept it in her terrace garden, however the plant still withered and died
Any tips to revive the plant will be greatly appreciated.

Transplanting plants remains a major challenge while gardening

One of the main challenges for any gardener this year is transplanting plants from one place to another, and ensuring that the transplanted plant survives
There are many challenges while transplanting a plant
– ensuring that the roots are not damaged while remove the plant from the place where it was originally growing
– replanting it quickly enough, so that it is not getting withered
– ensuring that the soil is compatible
– watering it well
– ensuring that pests like squirrels, cockroaches do not attack the transplanted plant

The domain investor has been transplanting some plants, many of them are dying because the soil is not compatible, causing the stem to rot and the plant to die.

Coleus Coerulescens plant withers and dies

Ordering plants online can be risky, because the plants are more likely to die.
For example the Coleus Coerulescens was ordered approximately 15 days ago, and though it was received 5 days ago, the plant has already withered and dried
The other succulent plants which were ordered have survived, though the Kalanchoe Flapjack has also lost leaves
It remains to be seen if the plant will revive during the monsoon , or whether it has died permanently