More demand for plants than internet related services

If demand is the criteria for deciding on a business, there is a lot of demand for plants compared to any internet related service in goa . It is extremely difficult to get a single lead, order for any internet service, however there are many enquiries for plants indicating that there is a lot of demand and no one supplying the plants at an affordable rate.
In 2015-2016, there were some carts selling plants, however in 2017, most of these cart sellers have disappeared, and people who want plants for their home garden are finding it difficult to find affordable suppliers in goa. Many of the sellers in Goa are pricing their plants at Rs 150 and above, while in other states, they are priced at Rs 30-40 which is more affordable.

Slug in potted plants ordered online

The major disadvantage of ordering plants online is that some dangerous pests can be included in the pots which can damage the existing plants . For example an insulin plant was ordered online, and was despatched in a black bag .
However when the black grow bag was slit it was found that there is a very big brown, black slug in the mud of the pot and it was trying to get out. It was not easy to get rid of the slug, only covering with wet newspapers ensured that the slug did not roam around and cause damage to the other plants in the area. So if it possible, it is always advisable to grow plants from seeds, instead of importing pests from other places.