Star gooseberry fruits make the soil very acidic, no other plants can grow

If star gooseberry fruits are falling in the property owned by a person, the person should immediately make arrangements for collecting the fruits and ensuring that they do not fall on the ground
The star gooseberry fruits are sour in taste, so they are acidic in nature, and the soil will get spoiled, no other plant can grow , as most plants do not grow well in soil with low pH (acidic in nature)
For a person with a small garden, they cannot afford to let the small amount of land go waste due to the gooseberry fruits falling on the ground
Though the star gooseberry plant may be grown elsewhere, if it enters the property, the property owner should immediately initiate action to prevent any further damage to the soil

Snails attacking and killing aloe vera plants

Aloe vera plants are some of the hardiest plants, however in Panaji, Goa, these plants are being attacked by snails, who are systematically killing all the larger plants.
The snails are able to separate out all the leaves of the aloe vera plant
When attacked by the snails, the base of the aloe vera plant is becoming brownish and it separates out.
At least 3 large aloe vera plants have been attacked in July, August 2018

Any tips to get rid of the snails will be greatly appreciated.

Gardening is more lucrative than working online in 2018

In addition to paying a massive amount annually for webhosting, domain names, there is almost no money to be made for a person who is hated by ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies, subjected to identity theft by NTRO, R&AW,cbi.
Many online websites are making a lot of money selling plants
For example nurserylive has some top 5 plant placks , which are costing Rs 1000 each or more
In the last 90 days, their website shows that for many of these plant packs, 3000-4000 plant packs are sold in the last 90 days
So approximately 1000- 1300 packs are sold monthly
So for each top 5 pack which is being sold , they are making Rs 1.1 – Rs 1.5 lakh monthly
There are at least 15-20 plant packs which are being sold for Rs 1.1 – Rs 1.5 lakh monthly
So the sales of nurserylive should be Rs 20-30 lakh monthly
Online the revenues are fixed at Rs 30,000-Rs 45000 for the last 7 years, however much time and money is invested online.
While it is difficult to get as many plants as nurserylive, the google competitor will be extremely happy if she reaches Rs 1 lakh in revenues and growing plants is a more passive source of income compared to working online, where other than article writing, there is almost no source of online income which can be increased.

Karela, beans stolen from google competitors terrace garden in panaji, goa

In another example of the harassment and criminal trespassing faced by the google competitor in panaji, goa, it appears that the trespassers stole a karela and beans from the terrace garden of the google competitor in panaji, goa, entering the house using duplicate keys.
The karela had grown after a lot of effort.
The theft took place between 7 August and 10 August 2018 , because on 6 August 2018, the karela and beans were growing properly.
On 10 August 2010, the beans have almost completely disappeared without any trace at all
It appears that more money will have to be wasted to purchase new locks for the home so that the vegetable robbers of panaji do not cause further damage
A purple flower had also been broken off by the criminal trespassers