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Radiation burns damage tree branches, plants

The relentless torture using microwave radiation weapons of a harmless obc single woman engineer and domain investor has forced her to lead a nomadic life trying to evade the cruel criminal officials who are stalking and torture her, causing microwave radiation burns, great pain . Now these officials are upset that they cannot torture the domain investor using radiation weapons near her house, so they are targetting all the plants and trees in the area.
Unlike humans and animals who can flee to evade these criminal cruel animal like ntro and other officials, the harmless plants cannot evade the criminal officials who are allowed to misuse microwave radiation weapons on whatever or whoever they wish to.
So it is noticed that the tender shoots of the plants and trees are being targetted by the criminal ntro officials and have suddenly dried up. Can ntro, the indian government explain how burning the plants and trees of a harmless indian citizen is a matter of national security, If these officials have no work in goa, they should be deployed to border areas instead of allowing them to run amok and damage plants and indian citizens