Watering plants regularly remains a problem

While growing plants can be a very enjoyable and relaxing hobby, one of the main problems faced by most gardeners, especially those who live alone is that the plant has to be watered regularly. For some plants, if the watering is delayed by even a few hours in the morning, the plant will start wilting. So travelling for a short period of time can be a major problem for a person who is living alone as most of the plants will wilt and dry up, if they are not watered daily.
In the USA, there are kits available, which will ensure that water is supplied to the plant daily when the plant owner will be away from home on a holiday or work.
However in India due to the limited demand, these plant watering kits are not easily available, hydroculture seems to be the only alternative

Vegetables or flowers in your home garden

A home gardener often has to make a choice, whether he would like to grow vegetables or flowers in the limited space available for the kitchen garden. There are advantages and disadvantages of selecting the flowers or vegetable for cultivation in the home garden, it depends on the interest of the home gardener. For a person who will use the flowers at home for decoration, they may prefer to grow the flowers in their home garden. The flowers are easier to grow and are not attacked by many pests. There are many plant sellers who will sell a wide variety of flower plants for the home garden.

Growing vegetables for the kitchen garden can help save time and money. However these plants are repeatedly attacked by a wide variety of pests so protecting the plant can be a major challenge. For a non experienced home gardener, the yield for the vegetable plants will be low and the mortality rate of the plant will be high.

Pests create havoc for the kitchen gardens

Usually when people start a kitchen garden, they initially do not face any major problems as the plant will grow well. However after the plant will bear fruit or flowers, the person who has grown the plant will face problems from a variety of pests who will kill the plant.
Caterpillars are the most dangerous pests as they will eat up all the leaves. Other pests which cause an equal amount of damage are ants, birds, aphids, flies, locusts and in some cases small animals. so it is advisable to monitor the plants closely and take immediate action when a pest is observed as causing havoc.

Difficulty finding mud for growing plants

While pulses and grains can be obtained from grocery shops, it remains difficult to find mud for a pot. If the hobby gardener cannot find a supplier for the pot, they can always use containers and bottles in which food products are sold, like pickle, amla, jam and gulkand bottles. These bottles usually have a thin printed plastic cover which can be removed easily with a scissor or knife.
However it can be difficult to find mud for growing the plants, especially for a person living in a flat or under surveillance. The only option will be purchasing a pot with a plant and then reusing the pot and mud when the plant will die. A home made potting mixture can be made using kitchen waste, however it is not very effective for growing plants of all types compared to mud/plants supplied by the plant sellers.

Disadvantages of growing plants in pots

People living in apartment complexes have no choice for growing plants, they have to use pots or opt for hydroculture. However people with a garden can choose to grow the plant in the mud or in a pot. A pot is often preferred because it can be moved from one place to another according to the preferences of the home owner.
There are certain disadvantages of growing plants in a pot, which few know. If the home owner is away from their residence for a period of time on a holiday, personal or professional work, it becomes relatively easy for thieves to walk away with the plant and pot.
In some places like goa, plants which were relatively inexpensive a few years ago cost more than Rs 150 for a single plant. So people looking for easy money, will enter the garden and take the pot with the plant, knowing that the home owner will not file a police complaint.

No plant surviving

Due to high levels of radiation and open hostility, jealousy of domain investor, she finds that almost no plant is surviving at the address provided by the domain investor. Some gerbera plant were purchased a few weeks ago, costing Rs 75 each. Though they are being watered daily, the plants are shrivelling up and drying.
The flowers too are withering and dying away, with the buds of the plant also failing to blossom.
So in a few days time, there will be nothing left, except the pot and the mud
Nearby most plants are flourishing indicating that the house is being specifically targetted

Gardening for domain investors

Domain investors and paypal account holders in India should be aware of the harsh reality that it will be extremely difficult for them to grow any plant in their garden, especially at the address specified in the whois. Indian intelligence and security agency officials are blinded by their hatred and jealousy of the harmless domain investor and put them under surveillance for more than 5 years, without a legally valid reason.
The surveillance equipment used, often includes high power radiation weapons which make the plant dry up in a short period of time due to heating effect . These officials want to destroy everything the domain investor owns, and can waste any amount of indian tax payer money for their personal goals. Plants which cannot move are the first target of these cruel officials.

Except for a few hardy plants, most plants are drying up when targetted by these officials. When the pot will be moved to another location, all plants are surviving without any major problem.