Organic vegetable seedling sale

The local newspapers announced that Green essentials was holding a sale of vegetable seedlings at International centre, Goa at Dona Paula on december 26, 2015 between 4 to 6 pm. While many would have liked to purchase the vegetable seedlings, the location remained a major deterrent for those who do not have their own vehicle. Even for a person living in Panaji, hiring a rickshaw or car for reaching ICG, Goa can be extremely expensive costing Rs 400 for an hour. This will naturally increase the cost of procuring the seedlings. The public transport in the area remains limited.

If green essentials would like to increase their sale, and make their seedlings available to the many hobby gardeners in panaji, goa they should hold their sales occassionally in campal, miramar or panaji area, which is far more accessible to people who would be interested in purchasing the plants, seeds and other gardening supplies.

Bean plants flourishing in colder weather

During November, early December 2015, the weather in Goa was fairly warm, due to which no plants or seeds were growing despite watering them regularly. Now in end december 2015, the morning temperature has declined to a great extent, and the bean plants are again sprouting well.
It appears that the bean plants are the easiest plants to grow at home, no special care has to be taken and they grow rather fast. It is also simple to procure the bean seeds from any grocery shop unlike some other seeds like cucumber, water melon and brinjal seeds

Cactus plants dying quickly

Though most people believe that cactus plants are low maintenance and can survive in harsh conditions, it appears that they are not resistant to radiation. A domain investor tried to grow a large number of cactus plants, and almost all the cactus plants died within a few months, wasting her time and money.
It appears that only domain investors and the plants that they try to grow are targetted with high intensity radiation beams, wasting indian tax payer money for more than 5 years, out of hatred, greed and casteism.
Other people, indian citizens who grow plants are not targetted for harassment using radiation beams and their cactus plants seem to be flourishing

More garden related stalking

Powerful Officials who were making fake black money allegations against a domain investor for more than 5 years now realize that their allegations will not be considered valid, because the domain investor could have spent the money on gardening, plants and related supplies. many of the plants will dry up quickly and all the money could be wasted or spent without leaving anything behind, unlike investment in jewelry.
However these officials are also responsible for the death of a relative of the domain investor during diwali due to their non stop human rights abuses on harmless senior citizen wasting indian tax payer money. As a result, the domain investor is not likely to celebrate diwali again, as it is associated with painful memories.
So the officials realize that the domain investor will not spend money like others for diwali celebrations. so these officials and their associates again broke into the house of the obc domain investor and kept empty diwali lamps near the plants, many of which are withered and dying. Do these officials have no other work.