More garden related stalking

Powerful Officials who were making fake black money allegations against a domain investor for more than 5 years now realize that their allegations will not be considered valid, because the domain investor could have spent the money on gardening, plants and related supplies. many of the plants will dry up quickly and all the money could be wasted or spent without leaving anything behind, unlike investment in jewelry.
However these officials are also responsible for the death of a relative of the domain investor during diwali due to their non stop human rights abuses on harmless senior citizen wasting indian tax payer money. As a result, the domain investor is not likely to celebrate diwali again, as it is associated with painful memories.
So the officials realize that the domain investor will not spend money like others for diwali celebrations. so these officials and their associates again broke into the house of the obc domain investor and kept empty diwali lamps near the plants, many of which are withered and dying. Do these officials have no other work.