Organic vegetable seedling sale

The local newspapers announced that Green essentials was holding a sale of vegetable seedlings at International centre, Goa at Dona Paula on december 26, 2015 between 4 to 6 pm. While many would have liked to purchase the vegetable seedlings, the location remained a major deterrent for those who do not have their own vehicle. Even for a person living in Panaji, hiring a rickshaw or car for reaching ICG, Goa can be extremely expensive costing Rs 400 for an hour. This will naturally increase the cost of procuring the seedlings. The public transport in the area remains limited.

If green essentials would like to increase their sale, and make their seedlings available to the many hobby gardeners in panaji, goa they should hold their sales occassionally in campal, miramar or panaji area, which is far more accessible to people who would be interested in purchasing the plants, seeds and other gardening supplies.