Gardening for domain investors

Domain investors and paypal account holders in India should be aware of the harsh reality that it will be extremely difficult for them to grow any plant in their garden, especially at the address specified in the whois. Indian intelligence and security agency officials are blinded by their hatred and jealousy of the harmless domain investor and put them under surveillance for more than 5 years, without a legally valid reason.
The surveillance equipment used, often includes high power radiation weapons which make the plant dry up in a short period of time due to heating effect . These officials want to destroy everything the domain investor owns, and can waste any amount of indian tax payer money for their personal goals. Plants which cannot move are the first target of these cruel officials.

Except for a few hardy plants, most plants are drying up when targetted by these officials. When the pot will be moved to another location, all plants are surviving without any major problem.