Gardening as a hobby

Gardening remains one of most popular and relaxing hobby for people of all ages, requiring relatively less time, money and effort compared to other hobbies. One of the greater advantages of gardening remains the flexibility, if a person is busy, he or she can just water the plants and if they have more time they can grow more plants, trim the plants, collect the fruits and vegetables which have grown.
While the social network of a person can be a good source of getting planting material especially if the person is staying in an independent house, in a new city or town it will be difficult to get gardening supplies. The problem is particularly accute in small towns with a population of less than 25000, to find a suitable supplier for gardening supplies like pots and mud. Travelling 10km just to purchase plants does not seem to worthwhile
So some innovative methods have been devised to do some gardening at home, which are discussed