More seedlings being killed by officials wasting tax payer money

It appears that the surveillance on the obc single woman engineer is being misused to monitor her and kill the plants in her garden . When the engineer is not in the house, these officials misuse the surveillance to enter the house with the master keys that indian intelligence agencies have and damage the garden, as they try to cause maximum harm to her.
On saturday, the stem of a cluster bean seedling was cut, and on Monday when the engineer had gone out for work, the stem of the ladysfinger seedling was cut by the cruel vicious cbi/R&AW officials and their associates allegedly on the payroll of google, tata .
In another house, the marigold seedlings on the terrace garden were also damaged to some extent, found near the main entrance
These officials are extremely vicious in causing damage, they want to ensure that she does not make a single paisa, it is unlikely that any animal or bird or insect can cause this kind of damage to seedlings.

Can cbi, R&AW, ntro explain how killing the seedlings in the garden are a matter of national security, tax evasion, why not admit that officials are abusing their powers for personal gain and hatred.