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For growing a few plants on terrace, domain investor FALSELY blamed for dengue in entire area

Since they did not get the desired results for their earlier complaints, gujju school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh and her LIAR family are increasing their harasssment on the domain investor to force her to sell the house cheaply to cover up their BANKING, REAL ESTATE FRAUD.
They have approached a local politician to force the domain investor to remove a few plants from the terrace in a clear case of discrimination and harassment.

There is plenty of water in St Inez creek and the Lake in Lake view colony, yet the gujju school dropout naina chandan, her family and others claim that it does not cause dengue, only a few pots on the terrace of the domain investor are only cause of dengue in the area in a clear case of discrimination.

Instead of telling the greedy gujju fraudster family to stop harassing the harmless single woman domain investor filing fake complaints against her, the politicians are repeating the fake allegations of the shameless greedy gujju fraudster family. Most homes also have plenty of plants no complaint is filed against these home owners only the single woman is targetted.

Indian citizens have equal rights, people living in janhavi building close to the house of the domain investor, have plenty of plants on their terrace, no one sends a legal notice or complains to the health department, only the domain investor is targetted because she is a single woman and she has been defamed, cheated and exploited in the worst possible manner in panaji, goa.

This reflects the lack of honesty and humanity in goan society and government that just because a woman is single and not well connected, falsely blame her for everything which is wrong in area, to DEFAME, CHEAT, EXPLOIT her when other citizens are free to grow plants

Tree cutting services in demand in India

Though many people are losing jobs or facing salary cuts, there is an increase in the demand for people doing manual work.
According to a report in Times of India, in some areas , educated people who have lost their job are making good money in June despite the covid-19 pandemic cutting trees.
In the United States, Australia and other countries, tree cutting is a lucrative business, and the domain investor (not raw/cbi employees especially asmita patel) is often requested to write articles on tree cutting services.
In india, tree cutting services are not organized.

Urban gardening or indoor gardening

Article on indoor gardening or urban gardening, the client refused to pay for the article. A similar article is available on any gardening related topic is available on request, please send email to

You can cultivate plants even if you do not have a balcony or garden. Increasingly people are growing their plants indoors and this trend is called urban gardening. It is possible to to plant aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruit plants in a personal garden in your apartment. Only a window sill or well lit room will be required, and some tips have to be followed. Many people are forced to remain at home, and are looking for a new way to relax, remain busy and utilize the innate creativity. Some tips which will help you start gardening in your apartment are provided.

Choosing the plants
Though some plants cannot be grown indoors, gardeners can still choose from a large variety of herbs and plants. Basil, chives,coriander, dill and mint are some of the popular aromatic herbs grown indoors. Other plants are tomatoes, chillies, capsicum and gherkins. You can do some research online and offline, to find more plants which you can grow in your house.

When to plant the seeds indoors?
The right time to plant a particular type of seed, varies depending on the seed type. However, most seeds should be sown in the period from the end of winter, till spring end. Harvesting of the plants can begin in spring and continues till summer end. Yet, there are exceptions. For example arugula seeds can be planted any time in the year and harvested.

Where should the plants be grown?
Even if the apartment has a very small balcony, it is ideal for growing the plants. However, most people do not have a balcony. Still they can have their own urban garden, growing their plants on the windowsills of different rooms. Alternately the plants can be grown in well lit room located close to a window which gets good sunshine. It is important to ensure that the plants are exposed to sunlight and the fresh air for several hours daily so that the conditions are similar to the conditions outdoors. This is mainly because some plants require these conditions to flourish, and some insects like bees to grow properly.

How to start your urban garden?
To start a urban garden, it is necessary to follow a few basic steps. The soil and other requirement, for each plant variety will differ. While purchasing seeds, this information is often provided on the packaging of the seed bag, or separate leaflet. The seed seller can also be asked for advice. Pots are available in different kinds of materials like plastic, clay and a variety of shapes like boxes , round. The soil available will also vary based on its composition. Some types are clay, sand, loam.
While some of the containers will already have holes for draining water, for other containers, it may be necessary to drill holes at the bottom of the pot. This will ensure that the roots are not exposed to water for a long time and do not rot. To prevent the mud and dirty water, from dirtying the apartment, a plate can be placed under each container.An alternative option to the plate, is purchasing clay or gravel balls, and placing them below the pots.

Health department in panaji, harasses only some citizens for gardening, falsely accusing them of causing dengue

There are many people in some areas of panaji, with gardens which are not well maintained or have plenty of plants growing.They do not have the time, or cannot find people to do the garden maintenance work. Mosquitoes do not distinguish between weeds and other plants.
The health department does not send notices to all these property owners they are free to grow whatever they want in their private property. In india, especially goa, single women are openly targetted for harassment because they have no one to help them. One of the favorite ways of harassing and defaming older single women in panaji, goa is falsely accusing them of causing dengue if they own a property and grow some plants
There is a large lake and creek in the area with stagnant water, which is more likely the reason for dengue in the area, yet the government is only harassing some property owners, probably to force them to sell the property cheaply and then commit banking, identity theft fraud on the property owner.

The goa government health department is harassing harmless citizens, falsely accusing them of causing dengue yet it refuses to take action against the CRUEL animal like well paid security, ntro employees in panaji,goa, who are using new TORTURE METHOD using radiation weapons causing intense ear pain to harmless private citizens in their home.

Robbed rose cutting distributed by panaji gujju school dropout cbi employee naina chandan to her friends

Rose plant cuttings robbed by panaji gujju school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, dressed in yellow and black
Though she is considered a role model by the goan and indian government, CCTV footage will legally prove that the gujju school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is involved in robbery, criminal trespassing multiple times.
After outsourcing aloe vera leaf robbery to her sari wearing muslim servant in February 2020, the google, tata role model school dropout naina was again involved in criminal tresspassing, robbery of rose plant cuttings on May 30, 2020, at around 6.08 pm in panaji, goa
Earlier in the day, naina was spotted wearing a blue long kurti, matching the blue sleeveless tshirt worn by her lazy fraud son karan, Later at around 6 pm, she changed into a new beige/yellow and black kurti to commit another plant related robbery in panaji, goa
Carrying a scissor with orange handles, the robber cbi employee naina entered the property of a neighbour who is in Dubai, and cut two branches of the rose plant. She then cut one branch of her own jasmine plant and one branch of her hibiscus plant. It appears that she is giving the plants to her friends in panaji, who are spread false rumors that naina, a school dropout illegally married at 16, to get sex practice , is an experienced engineer, so that the school dropout gets a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real engineer

Soon afterwards, robber cbi employee naina kept the robbed plant cuttings on the rear seat of her light blue maruti car, and drove away to meet her friends. The cctv camera in naina’s house will capture the latest plant robbery of naina chandan who is faking engineering degree, experience.

Instead of watering roots of plants, school dropout cbi employee naina chandan’s husband washes their leaves and damages others property

People pretend to water their garden and damage the property of people they hate, Water damage caused by school dropout naina chandan’s husband to domain investors gate
since the indian and goan government refuses to be honest about the indian government’s policy of paying monthly salaries to top sex service providers like naina chandan and their sons karan, nikhil, the government falsely claims that sex service provider raw/cbi employees in goa who do not pay any money for domains, own the domains of private citizens, in a government FINANCIAL FRAUD
Daily the balding bespectacled fraud husband pran of the panaji sex queen cbi employee naina chandan (who looks like actress sneha wagh), is using a pipe to water his plants and he is damaging the property of people in the area. The gate of the house of the domain investor is damaged due to the rusting caused after water damage by naina chandan’s husband DAILY for the last ten years.

Instead of using the water pipe to water the plants near the roots , ground, he is using the water pipe to clean the leaves of a hibiscus plant with red flowers daily, damaging property of other people in the area. The rusted hinges of the gate of the house of the domain investor are proof of the damage caused to the gate. Now the gate is also not closing properly

The damage is only because of the pran of the panaji sex queen cbi employee naina chandan, since the hinges of the other side of the gate are undamaged. Even the lower hinges on the same side are not rusted, only the upper hinges are rusted and damaged since the fraud prans is dumping a huge amount of water daily

Madhya pradesh government, Indore robber R&AW employee deepika involved in gardening DOMAIN fraud

The shameless greedy LIAR Madhya pradesh government knows that the world famous Indore robber R&AW employee deepika is not spending any money on domains and also not doing any computer work at all.

Yet with the help of another fraud LIAR BRAHMIN CHEATER CROOK from mp , the mhow monster puneet, the LIAR madhya pradesh government is falsely claiming that the greedy shameless animal indore ROBBER queen deepika who does not spend any money on domains, owns the gardening related domains of her relative who indore’s robber queen deepika ROBBED
Since the FRAUD indian tech and internet companies google, tata worship criminals like deepika for their ROBBERY, google, tata have got the indore ROBBER QUEEN deepika a monthly raw salary for her ROBBERY since 2010 and are duping companies, countries and people that the VVIP indore robber, owns the websites with her robbery, financial fraud news

The tata R&AW job for ROBBING RELATIVE scheme has made the indore robber raw employeee deepika and her fraud animal husband mahesh very rich, they can afford three cars, own land worth 5-6 crore with annual rental income of Rs 11-12 lakh and are regularly going on trips abroad costing Rs 1.5 lakh each at least. They also have multiple servants including a gardener, yet the greedy fraud R&AW ROBBER employee deepika refuses to pay any money for domains including this one

Yet with the help of the fraud tech companies like google, tata, the madhya pradesh government and its favorite indore robber raw employee deepika shamelessly and falsely claim to own the domains of deepika’s relative who deepika ruthlessly robbed, though the animal deepika has never paid annual domain renewal fees of Rs 1000 for each domain

Because of the state and central government, google, tata financial fraud since 2010, the real domain investor has very less money she has no servant at all, yet indore animals deepika, mahesh shamelessly and falsely claim to own her domains, in a clear case of government, ICANN fraud
This is posted as a fraud alert, so that people are not duped by the FALSE PROPAGANDA of the indore greedy cheater robber couple raw employee deepika and her fraud husband mahesh, madhya pradesh government

Some gardening stores in goa have almost no plants after lockdown

Due to the local government policy of harassing citizens who are doing any kind of work, it is very difficult to run any kind of business. The goa government prefers that businesses import everything to goa, even plants.
Now due to lockdown, it is not possible to import plants to goa.
Pune the major supplier of plants to goa, is in lockdown
So when the domain investor went to local plant store, there are almost no plants in the store for sale.
If the local plant shops had considered local suppliers, they would be in a better condition yet running any kind of business is treated like a crime in panaji, goa, and those who harass business owners like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, nikhil, karan, riddhi, nayanshree hathwar get government jobs only for making fake claims about computer work, domain ownership including this one with the help of google, tata, ntro.

Computer work, BANKING FRAUD in 5-6 states leads to gardening, dengue harassment

Though the domain investor has a large number of gardening related websites, it is mainly a hobby, source of relaxation, she does not make any money from it. Almost all her income comes from writing, advertising and domain sales
Yet because of the ntro, raw, cbi computer work, BANKING FRAUD, the shameless lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees who do no computer work at all, falsely claim to own her paypal, bank account and get a monthly salary at the expense of the domain investor.
To cover up their banking, computer work fraud, they are falsely accusing the domain investor of breeding mosquitoes in the garden and causing dengue to all the people in the area, when there is almost no water in the domain investors house for the mosquitoes to breed
Goa is the only state where the officials are obsessed with dengue and and are harassing people regularly, wasting a lot of time. In the rest of india, people are worried about covid-19, however panaji, goa remains obsessed with dengue.
There are less than 800 cases in goa every year, and most of these case appear in only one locality

Instead of improving their immunity, some people blame gardeners for dengue and other health problems in panaji

One of the unique forms of harassment which the goa government can trademark, is blaming gardeners for dengue in panaji, goa.
Some people have almost no water at home, during summer, yet they are blamed for dengue in the entire locality.
Going to the area is a waste of time, become some people are always stalking the domain investor, and pestering her about the small pots in her house. Even the small icecream cups which are recycled for growing plants are being monitored by the idle stalkers of panaji, who have no other work, since the goa governments wastes taxpayer money paying salaries to people who are idle
There are many people in the area, who are growing far more plants in their house, only the domain investor is harassed relentlessly almost everytime she is going to the area, with people in the area behaving as if keeping any kind of water in a house or growing plants is a great crime.