Coleus, Indian borage plants, leaves available

Having a kitchen garden is always an advantage for people living alone, senior citizens who find it difficult to leave their home due to health problems. They can grow some plants in their garden and get fresh vegetables for eating. One of the easiest plant to grow in India remains the Indian borage, coleus, Pan ova (in Marathi) and ajwain patta (in Hindi) , Latin name : coleus aromaticus. The plant has succulent leaves which can be used for a wide range of preparations.
Most indian plants require regular watering and are not suitable for a person who will be travelling often. The indian borage is an exception to the trend and the plant will survive even if it is not watered for a fortnight.
The succulent leaves of the indian borage can be used for making chutney and a variety of other preparations
Leaves and plants of Indian borage are available on request, please send requirement to . Bulk supplies also considered