Radiation killing plants

With corporates are allegedly bribing intelligence, security agency officials to ruthlessly stalk and torture a harmless single woman engineer causing great pain using microwave radiation weapons. Even when she will change her house, these criminal government officials will trace and torture her at her current residence. The microwave weapons used are so lethal in panaji, goa is that when is living in a house, the plants in the vicinity will stop flowering and growing due to the highly damaging microwave weapons.
Now the engineer is not spending much time in one house, so these criminal officials have removed all their microwave weapons from the vicinity of the house as the expensive equipment is getting wasted targetting it on a empty house without causing damaging to the body of india’s largest female domain investor. So after 4 years, in 2016, the plants in the house are growing, flowers again blooming.

The microwave weapons being used daily on a harmless private citizen indicate the criminal mindset of indian intelligence, security agency officials