Did radiation damage tree, cause tree crash

The indian intelligence and security agencies have been ruthless in stalking and torturing india’s largest female domain investor, deploying the most sophisticated radiation weapons to attack the harmless single woman engineer, causing great pain, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process.
However these cruel officials do not realize that they are not selective in attacking, the plants in the vicinity are also adversely affected . Just as the skin and cells of the human body are killed by the microwave radiation, the cells in the plants and trees are also damaged by ntro’s sophisticated radiation weapons. While animals and human beings can move out the way of the radiation beam, if they are experiencing pain, trees are unable to do so.
It appears that ntro, security and intelligence agencies caused so much damage to the tree near the house of the domain investor that the tree crashed during heavy rains. The tree had only one trunk, so now the chances of regenerating are less.
So instead of calling a tree cutter to cut a tree, the ntro officials can do so at a lower cost.

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On 13 june 2016, 8.45 pm the cruel sex animal government employees posted in panaji, goa, kept as trained pet killers by google, tata continued to criminally torture the domain investor whose impressive resume the goan sex partner R&AW employee or cbi employee fraud relatives of these officials falsely claim to have