Intelligence, security agency officials leaving snail shells in garden, damaging,stealing seedlings

In an indication of the extent of the harassment on India’s largest female domain investor in panaji, goa , repeatedly the seedling planted are disappearing and empty snail shells are being left in the pot or polythene container. On the terrace there are almost no snails or other pests as the area is closed, yet almost no plants are growing and empty snail shells can be found regularly.

The Karela or bitter gourd seeds also found split into 2 pieces on the terrace, indicating the extent of stalking and harassment allegedly by the ntro sex queen slim R&AW employee sunny bunny alias sunaina, her powerful friends, sex partners and associates . It is extremely unusual to find seeds which are split into 2 different parts, indicating the extremely high levels of hatred that NTRO sex goddess sunny bunny, her lovers and her associates have. Of all the seeds available in the market, Karela seeds are the most expensive seeds with only 5-6 seeds available for Rs 20.

On June 27, 2016, when a pot was inspected there were a large number of seeds of cluster beans, long beans, brinjal which were germinating in the terrace garden. Due to health problems and heavy rains , the domain investor could not visit the garden for some time. On 30 June, there was not a single seed of cluster beans, long beans, brinjal in any pot. Most of the seeds are poison coated, so it is dangerous for pests to consume these seeds. It is extremely unlikely that pests have eaten all the seeds, without leaving any trace at all.

The same seeds were planted in another area where these officials and their associates are less likely to enter and many seeds are germinating well, seedlings have grown well and quickly though the same natural pests are present indicating the high levels of hatred faced by india’s largest female domain investor. More updates on state sponsored garden/plant havoc in panaji, goa will be posted for the next few months, till the monsoons end.

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