Save money on gardening supplies with Ozcodes

Gardening is a popular hobby for people of all ages, starting from children to senior citizens. However like all hobbies, a lot of supplies are required to have a garden of reasonable size like plants, pots, seeds, fertilizers, gardening tools. The essential gardening supplies cannot be easily found in cities and towns, most towns will have only one or two stores with gardening supplies and these stores will stock a limited range of products due to space constraints and limited demand for the products locally. For example, though plants grow well in clay pots, it has become extremely difficult to find a supplier of clay pots in a small town, despite visiting the well known gardening stores in the town.

So increasingly individuals are ordering their gardening supplies online which will offer allow them to choose from a wider range of products from the comfort of their homes without wasting their time and energy visiting multiple stores only to find that they do not stock the product required or the product is overpriced. For example many stores selling plastic products are stocking plastic pots. However unlike clay pots which are designed with a hole for drainage of water, there is no provision made for excess water to be drained from the plastic pots locally available, affecting the growth of the plant in the pot.

Similarly local gardening stores will only stock a limited variety of vegetable,fruit and flower seeds often at an expensive rate. Hence gardening enthusiasts, interested in growing exotic and rare to find plants in their garden or finding gardening supplies like fertilizers, tools, specially designed pots, are checking out online gardening websites like Garden Express, Seed Heritage, IHerb, Interflora. Both amateur and professional gardeners can save a substantial amount on their gardening supplies using the many discount codes or OZCodes available online at the website which has thousands of coupon codes for a large variety of gardening, home and other products.

Online buyers of seeds and gardening supplies can directly search for an exclusive coupon code of the store of their choice at the Ozcodes website and save a substantial amount of money. Alternately they can also check which online stores are offering a substantial discount on their listed prices for gardening supplies. For example Garden Express is offering a 53% discount on Hyacinth Mixed Flowers on July 5, 2017, and those who have tried the coupon code on the website have a 100% success rate. So using the many coupon codes in the home and gardening category at Ozcodes allows gardeners to grow a wide variety of plants, vegetables in their garden at a far lower cost.

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