Tree branches broken intentionally

Some senior tata, google officials hate a female domain investor so much that they are allegedly even killing the plants in the garden repeatedly, breaking branches of a tree. Some branches of a tree had broken in June 2016, tata officials through their associates, allegedly goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina called the fire brigade and got almost the entire tree chopped off.
However after the rains, some branches started growing from the tree, yet tata and their associates hate the domain investor so much that they do not want to allow her to make a penny or paisa online or offline.
So again in September 2016, the domain investor found that some of the branches of a tree had been broken off. Animals do not break off the branches in this manner. additionally some branches of some marigold plants kept on the terrace have also been broken indicating how malicious the tata officials are.