A garden is a better source of passive income than working online

Due to the extremely corrupt ntro, raw, cbi employees , it is very difficult for a person targetted for identity theft by the raw/cbi employees to make any money online, as the ntro, raw, cbi employees are doing everything possible to cause losses
So however much time and money the domain investor is spending online, the income is the same or reducing in some cases.
On the other hand, the domain investor has spent very less money on her garden, compared to the lakhs of rupees she is spending annually on domain names, webhosting.
However she is getting more returns, as the plants being grown can be easily sold as they multiply faster
Other than spending 15 minutes watering the plants daily, they require less effort, compared to the hours spent daily online, with a decrease in revenues because of the corporate espionage of google, tata, ntro,cbi, raw
Compared to three years ago, the google competitor has far more plants available, while online income has remained the same, decreased because of ntro,raw,cbi harassment, defamation, and corporate espionage