Drumstick seedling uprooted in the house of the google competitor by panaji robber gang

After the latest burglary in the house of the google competitor on October 1, 2018, the google competitor changed the lock. Earlier the lock pickers could open the lock, and also close it without have any key.

Now the lock is changed , so a key will be required to close the lock, otherwise, the lock pickers will have to leave the lock open, making it obvious that they have tampered and entered the house.
it appears that the panaji burglary gang, again tried to enter the house of the google competitor, however they realized that the lock would expose the criminal trespassing. So instead they uprooted the drumstick seedling which was kept on the window sill.

In goa, it remains very difficult to find reliable suppliers of drumstick seeds, the domain investor had wasted a lot of time to find a seed supplier. The seeds are also expensive, there are only about 5 seeds in a packet, and they are costing Rs 40.
However the seed had germinated well, and was growing. However in another act of vandalism of the goa burglarly and robber gang, the drumstick seedling was uprooted and thrown in the vicinity, indicating that the vandalism is out of hatred and greed, not for money alone.