Some gardening stores in goa have almost no plants after lockdown

Due to the local government policy of harassing citizens who are doing any kind of work, it is very difficult to run any kind of business. The goa government prefers that businesses import everything to goa, even plants.
Now due to lockdown, it is not possible to import plants to goa.
Pune the major supplier of plants to goa, is in lockdown
So when the domain investor went to local plant store, there are almost no plants in the store for sale.
If the local plant shops had considered local suppliers, they would be in a better condition yet running any kind of business is treated like a crime in panaji, goa, and those who harass business owners like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, nikhil, karan, riddhi, nayanshree hathwar get government jobs only for making fake claims about computer work, domain ownership including this one with the help of google, tata, ntro.

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