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Most people are busy in their office or workplace during the day, so they can spend time in the landscaped garden only in the evening or during the weekend. Similarly commercial premises like hotels, restaurants will usually hold events like parties in the evening, since it is more convenient for people to attend the event after their job timings are over. Hence it is important for a property to have suitable Landscaping Lighting so that it can be used even in the evening, night or early morning. In addition to other services, Florissant Landscaping also provides Landscaping Lighting to enhance the property.

Landscaping Lighting
It is always advisable for the property owner to get the Landscaping Lighting done from the same contractor providing landscaping services, to save time and effort in co-ordinating the different contractors, and ensuring better integration. Depending on the size, type of property, building and landscape design we choose suitable lighting for the property. We also advise the property owner on the type of lighting, wired, battery operated and solar powered. Usually we recommend wired lighting for lighting which is installed near the house or building. For large properties solar powered or battery operated lighting is preferred

Accent Lights
Some homes and many commercial properties especially hotels have one or more features which they want highlighted during the night. Hence based on the landscaping feature which has to be highlighted, we choose suitable accent lights. Increasingly LED lighting is preferred since the power consumption is less and it is more durable. After consulting the property owner we finalize the color, brightness required in lumens and the power source. Using our extensive network, we procure the accent lights and related supplies from reliable suppliers, install them at the location specified.

Low Voltage Lights
For most larger properties, using wiring lighting is risky, since the wiring may be damaged by pests. Heavy rainfall or snowfall can also damage the wiring insulation, resulting in electric shocks which are a major safety hazard. Hence most property owners are opting to install low-voltage lights which use battery power as the energy source. Depending on the lights design, they may use alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries or are powered by solar panels. Though the initial investment is higher, solar lights are a renewable source of energy. Based on the landscape design, we choose suitable lighting to illuminate it properly

Path Lights
The landscaped property will have one or more pathways to reach the different sections of the garden. The path lights will illuminate these pathways. Additionally they help improve the security since it will be easier to spot intruders like burglars or snakes and other harmful animals. Based on the path size, and length, we decide the rating of the path lights, supplier and also the distance between the path lights. Increasingly clients are opting for sensor based lights which will automatically switch on after it becomes dark, and switch off in the morning. After the design is finalized we procure, install the path lights and check if they are functioning properly.

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