The panaji plant pot arrest threat shows the difference in attitude of educated and other people, since many avoid disputes

In some areas of panaji, goa, some citizens are threatened with arrest for keeping pots on their terrace or balcony in a posh area of panaji.

Indicating how only meek people from poorer communities are allowed to flourish by the sindhi, gujju community, a well educated professional quickly agreed to removing the plant pots, when his relative was threatened with arrest by the xerox shop owning crooked bespectacled husband of panaji’s top sindhi scammer schooldropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, is very aggressive in filing complaints with the health department against some citizens who were keeping pots on their terrace to ruin their reputation , so that he could cheat, exploit them.

When the single woman threatened with arrest for keeping the plant pots on the terrace asked a maidservant for help and told the reason, the maidservant replied, “what is their problem, what can they do , it is your property, you can keep anything, they will not be able to take any action against you”
This shows how well educated people do not want to argue with the sindhi, gujju frauds who are filing complaints, just to harass single women, quietly agree to do what they demand,

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