Growing tomato plants

In addition to dolichos beans, tomatos are some of the easiest plants to grow at home. Though there are many seed suppliers, the plants will grow from rotten tomatoes or the seeds left from cutting the tomatos for food. However the plant will only flourish when temperatures are low and humidity levels are relatively high.
If the tomato plant will not be watered regularly or even late in the day, the plant will wither rather quickly. For example normally the plant will be watered before 10 am in the morning. If the plant will be watered a little later in the day for example at 10.30 am the plant will have withered quite rapidly, and it will revive quite slowly. This will also adversely affect the tomato flowers from blooming and tomatoes from growing
The tomato plant is not suitable for the kitchen garden people who will not be at home and have to travel on work or holiday.