Tomato flowers and tomatoes

Some time ago, the price of tomatoes had reached Rs 80 per kilo, so growing tomatoes at home in a kitchen garden can be a way to save some money. Tomato flowers are quite small, yellow in color and a typical tomato plant will have at least 15-20 flowers. In Goa, till mid december 2015 the temperatures were fairly high, so the flowers would blossom, wilt and fall off. However in the last week of december the plant was watered regularly, repeatedly and the temperatures also reduced.
Initially one tomato was growing, now another small tomato has grown on the same plant, which is growing in size quite rapidly.
However the first tomato which grew on the tomato plant, seems to be growing very slowly, remains light green in color and also not ripening on the plant.
Photographs of the tomato plant and tomatoes are being taken to keep records