Health department in panaji, harasses only some citizens for gardening, falsely accusing them of causing dengue

There are many people in some areas of panaji, with gardens which are not well maintained or have plenty of plants growing.They do not have the time, or cannot find people to do the garden maintenance work. Mosquitoes do not distinguish between weeds and other plants.
The health department does not send notices to all these property owners they are free to grow whatever they want in their private property. In india, especially goa, single women are openly targetted for harassment because they have no one to help them. One of the favorite ways of harassing and defaming older single women in panaji, goa is falsely accusing them of causing dengue if they own a property and grow some plants
There is a large lake and creek in the area with stagnant water, which is more likely the reason for dengue in the area, yet the government is only harassing some property owners, probably to force them to sell the property cheaply and then commit banking, identity theft fraud on the property owner.

The goa government health department is harassing harmless citizens, falsely accusing them of causing dengue yet it refuses to take action against the CRUEL animal like well paid security, ntro employees in panaji,goa, who are using new TORTURE METHOD using radiation weapons causing intense ear pain to harmless private citizens in their home.

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