Nurserylive should be aware that citizens are threatened with arrest for keeping plant pots in panaji, goa

Nurserylive is sending mailers daily regarding plants for sale, they should not send emails to people residing in panaji, goa, because in some areas, citizens are threatened with arrest for keeping pots on their terrace or balcony in a posh area of panaji
The xerox shop owning crooked bespectacled husband of panaji’s top sindhi scammer schooldropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, is very aggressive in filing complaints with the health department against some citizens who were keeping pots on their terrace to ruin their reputation , so that he could cheat, exploit them.
The sindhi scammer is also bribing the health department officials to file police complaints against the citizens who have kept pots on their terrace. Till 2018, citizens were free to keep any number of pots on the terrace, only 2018 onwards, citizens are being harassed every year for keeping pots on the terrace and threatened arrest. Though it does not rain now, citizens are still being threatened.

If the goa government had officially announced that citizens are not allowed to keep pots on the terrace in panaji, goa, they would not purchase the pots wasting their money. Now removing the pots which are heavy is very time consuming and it is difficult to get labor only for removing the pots. So nursery live should be aware that keeping plant pots in panaji, leads to threats of arrest and stop sending mailers to citizens residing in panaji, goa

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