Famous CA also harassed in panaji for keeping pots in the balcony, terrace

Though the government employees are falsely claiming that all the content is spam, it is an indication of the living conditions in panaji, goa. The domain investor is complaining about fake dengue complaints, it appears that she is not alone, a large number of panaji citizens have also been harassed using the dengue excuse for keeping pots including a famous CA
While some people like the sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, get monthly government salaries only for making fake claims of computer work, bank account, resume, and have plenty of time and money to keep their home in perfect condition, other professionals do not have much time, for housekeeping or cleaning.
Yet it appears that harassing extremely busy professionals has become a very big racket in some areas of panaji, leading to a lot of resentment. It could be the reason why the corporation wards in panaji, goa were changed, the CA and others who are harassed may be furious and wanted the corporators behind it chan

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