Huge amount of money invested in pots wasted in panaji, goa due to fake dengue allegations of health department

People grow plants as a hobby, for happiness
Yet in some areas of panaji, many people are being harassed and threatened arrest for growing plants in 2019-2020 in a clear case of criminal defamation allegedly masterminded by a particular political party
While covid-19 was a new disease, dengue has existed for many decades, earlier citizens were not threatened arrest for keeping pots
Only in 2020, the local officials in panaji, are abusing their powers to threaten some citizens with arrest for keeping pots on their terrace falsely claiming that it causes dengue
In some cases, water supply in the homes of these citizens is also cut off.
So now citizens find that all the time and money which are invested in the pots and plants is wasted, since some high status frauds like the xerox shop owning sindhi scammer pran chandan are threatening them with arrest for keeping pots on the terrace.

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